XtmasTree – Our new iPad App is out there!!


XtmasTree @ AppStore

Long time ago… I’ve been busy with our most recent App, XtmasTree for iPad! 🙂

Check it out on the App Store and start sending your last Christmas cards/e-mails to your family and friends… or even best, let your children have fun, playing and decorating original Christmas Tree mail cards. 🙂

We hope you enjoy it!

Have fun and a Merry, Merry Christmas time with your closest ones…

Ricardo 🙂

PS: Here are some screen-shots for you, more available at our main site “http://xphone.me/xtmastree/“.


  1. Eduardo Aviles

    March 1, 2012 at 23:56

    Hi Ricardo, i´m doing my titulation work about JSON and i saw in one of your latest publications one about JSON. i have to analize a try JSON and study their su performance. what kind of too did you use to see the JSON package size? and wath aplication can i use to do the measures.

    i will apreciate your answer!

    Sorry for my english i´m from Mexico!

  2. Hi Eduardo, thanks for your comment. I’ve not used any special tool to analyze file’s size, I’ve done some simple manipulation using a basic text editor and then I compared the resulting file’s size.

    For the next post, Part 2 (I’m sorry but I haven’t done it yet!), I was doing some tests on iPhone Simulator and on a real iPhone using a simple App that I’ve created to measure the time needed to render a page based on XML and then, a similar one, based on JSON data.

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