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New Project… New iPhone…

That’s it! New project…

I’m working against the clock trying to implement an iPhone App dedicated to the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa.

I have a friend who promissed to help me with the graphics, let’s wait I can arrange the time (in my little spare time!) to make a functional prototype! If I can do it, then my friend will do the graphics, we’ll polish ant test the App and try to launch it in the App Store!

Unfortunately I only had this idea a few days ago (it didn’t existed on the App Store, now I can see some similar Apps), but I think that it will be nice to try hard to achieve it, so that I/we can at least gain some more experience on iPhone development.

I hope luck is on our side!

Now, the new iPhone…

Today, Apple announced the new iPhone 4 (powered by the new Apple A4 processor) and featuring quite a lot of new interesting features, like:

  • Multitasking
  • Retina Display, an incredible 960×640 resolution, glass display with a
  • 5 MegaPixel Camera with a LED Flash
  • FaceTime (video calls)
  • 720p HD Video Recording (up to 30fps)
  • Improved Battery Time and so on…

Apple, also announced the new iOS4 that will be available through a free software update. Unfortunately it will be compatible with all previous iPhone versions, except my 2G! :-/

You can see the new iOS4 features on the following page: ““.

With so much Apps on my iPhone, the Folders new feature would be very welcome!

I’m also curious and interesting in exploring 2 new features:

  • Gift Apps and
  • Apple’s iAds.

Well, now I have some code to type…


PS:  Here you have a nice video about the new iPhone 4 design: ““.

About my Development Notes

Hi everyone!

This will be a space for my simple notes about development and other things…

That can include a lot of technologies, knowledge areas and maybe even about stuff out of the IT field.

By now I intend to be more focused on Apps and Game Development for mobile phones (essentially iPhone and Android phones), but not limited to these.

My main objective with this space/blog is to share my little notes and appointments about the things I’m learning, trying, experimenting, developing, using, etc, etc… in a relaxed way, without being to much worried in writing it in a professional way.

This will be an experiment above all, which I think I can use to keep me more motivated and more focused, sharing and discussing (with your help!) my little improvements, problems, thoughts, whatever…

If you find any useful or interesting information here, please let me know, I’ll be glad for knowing that! You’re welcome to share and discuss your opinions here, even when they are different from my point of view, that’s the way we can learn new things with each others.

Be my guest…



PS: I also hope to use this blog to practice a little more of my English (as a foreign language), if you find errors/typos, please let me know it, so that I can improve my English and the contents of this space.

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